A shell formed of two roughly equal valves with a hinge is known as clamshell. Clamshell packaging is a popular choice of most of the manufacturers as it allows the consumers to view the product and minimizes the risk of damage and theft of the product. The transparent view of the products enables the buyers to look the product easily thus it becomes the most desirable form of packaging for customers as well as manufacturers. The clamshell packaging is divided into three forms of packaging including stock clamshells, semi-custom clamshells and custom clamshells. Each of these packaging is used for different products.

Kwikpac has a vast experience in meeting all kinds of packaging including Clamshell. The quality material of the plastic sheet is A-1 which keeps the product protected from all kinds of risks. With years of experience into this profession, Kwikpac assure customers to provide the satisfactory service to customers.

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